EarthEnable jumped on the opportunity to scale up and increase our impact by expanding into Uganda when the government requested our support to combat the issue of jiggers facing the Busoga region.  We have always seen Uganda as the perfect nation in which to begin scaling internationally.  Given its proximity to Rwanda, Uganda was attractive as a second country because it is manageable for a Rwanda-based headquarters team to support.  Furthermore, because the raw materials are basically the same in both countries, this means that our product won’t have to change. Ugandan expansion was also attractive because of the things that are very different about Uganda from Rwanda: it is much more sparsely populated, people tend to have higher disposable income, house sizes are generally smaller, and individuals invest more in their homes than in Rwanda (e.g. using burned bricks instead of mud bricks). We hope that experimenting with our business model in these new conditions will enable us to begin to understand the parts of our business model that have the potential to work and stay the same, and those that we will likely need to adapt, as we continue to expand and seek to create successful franchising relationships in different contexts. Given all of these promising factors in addition to enthusiastic government support, breaking ground in Uganda was a no-brainer.  Already, we have begun operations in Jinja, and expect to scale to one more district within the next year, with a goal of serving 1,000 households. 

Why Uganda?

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