What is Earthen Flooring?

Earthen Floors are made by compressing different layers of natural materials tightly down, and sealing it off to make it waterproof using a layer of oil. Earthen floors are becoming more and more popular, especially on the West Coast of the United States, because they are natural, great for the environment, easy to clean and maintain and can be truly gorgeous, helping to transform a home.

Layer 1: Laterite
Layer 2: Fine Earthen Mix

This is fine sand and clay that has been sieved, which is burnished to form an incredibly smooth and beautiful top layer. Made of the same earthen materials, it binds with the coarse laterite

Layer 3: Oil

The oil permeates the fine earthen mix and forms a waterproof and plastic-like resin on top. This is also the layer that gives the floor its shine, makes it easy to clean and incredibly durable.