EarthEnable – Low Cost Flooring Solutions in Rwanda

75% of Rwandans live in homes with

Dirt Floors.

Over 1 billion people globally live on dirt floors We are changing that.

In 2014, EarthEnable began building affordable Earthen floors to address the unsanitary living environments in Rwanda. We have developed a method to build earthen floors that is far more cost-effective than traditional practice. To deliver our product, we upskill underemployed masons into entrepreneurs that sell affordable earthen floors to their family, friends, and neighbors.


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Dirt floors are just what you think: dirty.

Dust hangs in the air, spills, and puddles stick around. Dirt floors become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, parasites, and all of the disease that comes with them. This affects the health of the people living in homes with dirt floors. In rural communities across the world, such as rural Rwanda and Uganda, families cannot afford to have concrete floors due to cost.

EarthEnable’s custom-developed earthen floors are the solution. EarthEnable eliminates unsanitary dirt floors by providing affordable, sanitary flooring that can be washed and cleaned.

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