From Earthen Floors to
Healthy Homes

EarthEnable began offering earthen floors in  2014. In 2020, we identified a new opportunity to  advance our impact on families and our financial  sustainability by expanding our product offerings.

Our in-house R&D Lab is always innovating and  looking towards the next inventions that will  advance our mission.


Our first product into seeing what sustainable construction would look like. These are still our most popular product and innovation towards developing them has never stopped



We impacted positively the  beauty  of the houses to our clients and also their health through installation of these plasters. They come with a naturally developed colour to fit the different customer demands.



With our replication model, we started experimenting with serving new geographies through our master franchisees. Our plan is to serve all through Africa. For now, These are Kenya and Ethiopia.

New geographies


We continue innovation on a full house build. We will be able to construct a whole house for an affordable price. This will be suited to fit the customer test. 

R&D on whole housing

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