EarthEnable – Low Cost Flooring Solutions in Rwanda

Quotes from individuals who were able to afford our floor

Nyirahabineza Angelique

I couldn't afford cement, but with EarthEnable, I can finally afford a floor. EarthEnable's floor is affordable! The process was easy because they used nearby construction materials to build it!" 

Nyirahabineza Angelique - Kamonyi, Rwanda

Claudine Umuhoza

Before we had a dirty floor that was dusty and not hygienic for mostly the children in this home-based Early Childhood Center. Children were so dirty from playing on that floor. When the Tubeheza team mentioned their floor, I couldn’t believe that simple materials can make a floor a beautiful floor, at least not without cement. I was surprised to see that materials found near our house can build a good and beautiful floor. I am always proud to show and recommend to my neighbors about this floor. Plus, it is very affordable”  Claudine Umuhoza - Early Childhood Center Project Beneficiary in Kamonyi District

Umuhoza Esther

Thanks to Tubeheza (EarthEnable), I don’t go around looking for cow dung anymore - I used it to make a traditional flooring (Gukurungira). One year ago before I was given the Tubeheza (EarthEnable) floor, there was too much dust and jiggers in my house which was a big challenge mostly for my child. There haven’t been any of those issues in my home and I am considering installing Tubeheza plaster too”. Umuhoza Esther - CRS Project Beneficiary in Kayonza District